About Me

There's not much to tell about me - despite being an actor, I am a total introvert.  I spend all my free time with my beautiful girlfriend, in our quaint little home in East London, with our little pup!  Occasionally I manage to get her over the West side!  We're not actually married but we've been together for so long we may as well be!  We love long walks, green spaces and river walkies.  In many ways she's the opposite of me.  She's extremely camera-shy, reserved, super-intelligent and funny!  One day I'll get her to pose for a photo!  Until then, I can tell you I lucked out by bumping into her in that coffee shop 4 years ago.  Who would of guessed, I would meet the love of life by doing something so ordinary as ordering an almond flat white. 

Thank you for always being you! 

I love you so much! XXX      

Kim-Anh Le-Pham Swimwear Model